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Group Profile

Who are we?

Old captain Shipping Corporation Limited(hereinafter referred to as: old captain), is specialized in the maritime transport craft system provider, the headquarters is located in Qingdao, China. The company is committed to "door to door" the innovation and application of integrated logistics services, in the shipping logistics, port terminals, road transport logistics, form a complete set of ocean engineering, ship, and other areas of the business to provide high quality and reliable equipment and services.

What did we bring the world?

Old captain was founded in 2007, the business is based on the domestic coastal and inland waterway transport, face the international shipping market development rapidly. In the commitment to the domestic customers with high quality and reliable logistics services, on the basis of national development strategy of "area" as an opportunity to expand into Africa, Pakistan and other emerging markets. At present, the enterprise revenue more than 20, has its own ship 30 boats, rent the ship 20, transshipment overside ability among the international line. With the industry leading professional configuration, old captain power efficient transport of goods in the world, a race against time with global customers for common development.

We insist on what?

As a service to the global market eventually the diversification of the shipping industry group, the company adhere to the "to meet customer demand as the core" in the beginning of the purpose, to provide customers with efficient and stable logistics services. Main shipping has set a high reputation in the industry, the other four areas: port terminals, land transportation, logistics, ocean engineering, ship supporting business has considerable scale. Each business section by professional technical team, at the same time, the staff in the customer solution flexible combination, close cooperation, through the ship, wharf, shore high quality service, has won the trust of many customers and cooperation.

Old captain as fujian association executive vice President of units, is Qingdao city industrial and commercial bureau awarded contract keeping promises units, integrity member units. Old captain is Qingdao port and waterway bureau 5 a-class integrity shipping companies and the China federation of logistics and purchasing 4 a-class units.

We would do the global shipping industry benchmark, to standardize the transport concept to different kinds of more efficient transport of goods to all over the world.