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Ocean Engineering

Scope:Consignment offshore oil platform;Participation in the Marine defense projects;Construction of island port.

1.In 2011, Old Captain for perfecting the Marine industry, and to spend to buy  two the 3 in ocean engineering ships "AHTS", and China's cnooc Marine engineering company signed an annual agreement in a boat. Salvage salvage bureau entrusted management agreement with the ministry of communications, become cnooc offshore towing a strategic partner of the system.

2.In 2012, as the country of the south China sea to defend development strategy formulation and implementation, old captain with power become the only island in the south China sea to fill construction material transport private enterprises. Relying on in bohai bay overside of rich experience and advanced craft equipment, old captain vows for the soldiers and civilians to build engineering contribute an own strength.

3.In January of 2016, China Huaneng Group Company and the joint venture company set up the company in Karachi, Pakistan "Huaneng Port and Shipping co., LTD. Good fortune", by the old captain company invest in the construction operation card when China's second home in the investment, coal wharf (the first is the size of the leasing China gwadar), and naval craft become a linkage, will greatly reduce the cost of power plant coal.