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Ship Supporting

1. Ship management

Group owns a number of young and experienced a captain and chief engineer team is engaged in the safety management system (SMS) affiliated with specialized services, such as a home shipyard to provide professional service of various types of trial launching, get the affirmation of the shipyard and owner.

2. The crew management

Has a reasonable structure, business skilled, quality excellent, good at management, professional crew team, always keep a good crew professionalism and team cooperation consciousness, to serve the owner, to ensure safety, efficiency owner satisfaction and ascension of the owner.

3. The ship accessory

Is a supply ship products professional enterprise, the product structure reasonable, complete specifications, willing to high-quality products, excellent after-sales service and sincere style of work for the general customers to provide reliable service.

4. The fuel supply

Provide the ship fuel oil and other products supplied to the market as the leadership, take the customer as the center, through the specialized management pattern, provides the high-quality service for the customer, strive to become the domestic first-class ship fuel supply enterprise.

5. Effluent oil treament

The specialty is engaged in the Marine oil spill emergency, the cleaning tank oil sewage receiving and processing, ship and ship garbage collection and processing business. Through perfect the function of port services, for the ship company and the general port enterprises to provide quality, professional services, and then through the sea and the city's comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, to protect the Marine environment and promote healthy circulation economic development to contribute.

6. Ship conversion

In view of the actual repair shipbuilding industry development, the company developed ship refitted business adjust measures to local conditions.