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Evergreen Marine opening new routes Strengthen the service network in Australia

Recently, evergreen Marine, announced that it would open up new routes, plan and Orient overseas (OOCL), mitsui osk (MOL), k-line (K Line) and Yang Ming (YML) for ship, associated quick route to Asia to Australia, the new airline is expected on October 23 from yokohama sailing.

Evergreen Marine, said the future through cooperation with strategy partner closely routes, this group of weeks class flight routes will be able to provide more choices, and extend the service scope of north China main port, China and South Korea, with direct service from Australia three port, to shorten the delivery time of the Australian market.

Evergreen Marine corporation is the world's fifth largest shipping companies, container transport routes throughout Asia, the americas, Europe, South America and the red sea, Mediterranean, etc. Give priority to with ocean shipping companies, including the United States, Europe, which accounts for more than 6 into revenue JinYang routes to South Africa, South America and Asia routes accounted for about 3 into overall revenue. The company has established the global 36 branch points, more than 300 agents, in 85 countries, the fleet of 201 ships, shipping 2015 assembly capacity of about 1.1 million teus.(Source: China survey