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Countries to support shipping enterprises?

The relative merits of the government and the market has long been a subject of debate. Market may be on the growth of the national strategic and fundamental industry cannot form a spontaneous response, and the reliance on the government to support the strategic and fundamental industry faces corruption, such as insufficient funds utilization inefficiency, competitive disadvantages. If the market can find strategic basic industry and through market competition allowed some companies to stand out, but in the process of the evolution of still there will be a huge waste of social resources. Government-led policy support and market competition logic relative merits are not good judgment. Or, this is a false proposition, debate the role just like a cup of sugar water, sugar and water which is important not to the purpose, the mutual confluence, begets concomitant, a cup of water is the most important moderate sweetness.

For the light, in a very long period of time is still the strategic basic industry. Such an industry to the national economy, national security and even national strategy is very important, let it die does not conform to the national strategic interests in the market. "Area" initiative is the future for a long time China's "going out" strategy, build unicom Europe Asia continent and connectivity infrastructure network is an important task of state-owned enterprises of shipping.

Cosco shipping group on the "maritime silk road" in the 21st century has been in many important node layout, such as the Piraeus, Greece and the united Arab emirates ABU dhabi port. Piraeus, Greece is the "maritime silk road" in the 21st century are connected to the Europe of key nodes, as Europe has opened up a new channel of communication, and have a good growth. If cosco shipping group in the layout "Marine silk road" in the 21st century when the policy-related losses and due to the national strategy is difficult to the cost of recycling, then through the proper way to compensate the loss is reasonable. If the government's policy tools can't help at the right time to the overseas development of the enterprise, based on the long-term development of strategic objectives will have to succumb to the reality of the market, then the "area" initiative will not achieve them.

At present, the shipping market downturn, China cosco loss in the first three quarters of 9.22 billion yuan. If its further losses, the industry department in charge of how to deal with? Let it fall like Korea's hanjin shipping and ignored or there? For by the competent department of industry, demolition shipbuilding subsidy policy has not much play such space, a few beyond use "card" in his hand. Cosco China shipping is critical when a "prescription", no matter use still need time to test tube. And under the background of decentralization also need to let the market play a decisive role, the hand of government is more and more weak is the trend of The Times. Corresponding of the national strategic fleet subsidies relative to the present shipping enterprise's losses, is also a drop in the bucket. The Marine policy support path needs to explore more feasible. (source: shipping information net)