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Founded in new malaccas largest por

Huang jing Hong Kong rendering

China in turbine group construction port of Malaysia huang jing deep-water wharf held the foundation stone laying ceremony last month, marked the Malaysia ambitious "malacca first port" project officially started. Naturally, the Singapore media sit still, analyses the irrationality of port project, side claim that China's military purposes.

In early November, Malaysian prime minister najib rare visit to China for 7 days, the signing of more than RMB 2300 worth of trade and economic, military, wow americans southeast Asian countries to China.

Najib during his visit to China in the People's Daily published a signed article said that Malaysia will make good use of the association of southeast Asian nations (asean) mechanism with xi jinping, chairman of the proposed a visionary "area" initiative, commitment to the horse in the two countries and the area for the development of the reciprocal benefit co-prosperity.

To djibouti, "a horse in the joint venture enterprises, led to China - qinzhou industrial park in Malaysia and Malaysia - China sit industrial park pool plan, create the new jobs for our people. Now we have the malacca huang jing Hong Kong plan, this project has just started last month. And Kuala Lumpur 'Malaysian city plan, will be one of the world's largest comprehensive underground city."

Port of China in turbine group website also disclosed the emperor jing latest progress of the project. According to the report, by the Chinese in turbine group EPC general contracting of malacca in Malaysia huang jing deep water supply dock foundation stone laying ceremony, held in malacca on Oct. 19.

Huang jing port is located in the city of malacca, between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore less than 150 km distance from Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia's transport minister said in the liao, "huang jing Hong Kong" deepwater wharf construction of malacca consistent with "area" initiative. Enterprises in China, related project will create more opportunities for Malaysia Marine industry development, for the Malaysian economy.

According to in Malaysia, huang jing of malacca port project (Melaka Gateway) is a large comprehensive development project, reclamation belongs to the national level 2 project in Malaysia, is made up of three artificial islands and a natural islands, covers an area of 1366 acres, the total investment 40 billion ringgit (about 80 billion yuan).

Expects its deepwater port project will be completed in 2019, surpassing Singapore become the largest port on the strait of malacca, and form a complete set of all project will be completed in 2025.

Huang jing Hong Kong local situation

Recently on the south China sea issue provocation of Singapore, certainly felt the threat of huang jing port project. According to CCTV news report, published in the straits times of Singapore 14, titled "the planning strategy in the malacca port in China Figure is doubtful "article, citing the nanyang technological university Malaysia Chinese relationship experts as saying that the strait of malacca strategic factors are usually begins with economic activity, and then the navy gradually involved, because China has an obligation to ensure the safety of its commercial ships.

The article also quoted a logistics operators as saying: "the malacca deal seems to be no logic, so many people doubt whether this related to military rather than business interests."

Article said that China will be awarded the man-made island of land ownership and franchise in 99, it is very rare and generous terms.

The Singapore media, stressed that China's military activities in Malaysia are significantly increased, in September last year, the Chinese armed forces have participated in the large-scale military exercises in the malacca strait. In addition, China also received Malaysia sabah kota kinabalu city the right to use a crude oil port, near the China is building the nansha islands. (source: sina)