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Qingdao port open 12 maritime silk road routes this year

Learn from Qingdao port group, Qingdao port group 1 - October to complete the "silk road" transit column 8492 teu, up 65% from a year earlier, the new route 12 "Marine silk road".

On November 24, a train carrying 40 teu used transit center for large columns from the Qingdao port transportation slowly, these imported cars from Japan and South Korea imported by sea to huangdao, again sent to huoerguos list, eventually to kazakhstan. Since this year, Qingdao port and new LAN took the second-hand car shipped to Mongolia international transit goods imported from Japan, at the same time opens the uzbekistan reverse transportation of agricultural products to Japan, Korea, southeast Asia sourcing, formed heavy to return to the stability of the transportation channel.

According to statistics, 1 - October this year, center for Qingdao port transportation loading and unloading transit big column 8492 teu, whole year is expected to exceed ten thousand teus.

All the way in the "area" national strategic layout, Qingdao port is one of the few important port Liu Haishuang node. From land to the Qingdao port group, the sea to the two-way, make internationalization strategy layout and solid ground. To lu, the economic belt along the silk road opening to central Asia trains, in Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia, central Asia and Europe four important economic circle. All the way to the sea, and the "area" density increase 15 ports along the route, this year to open to the Middle East, India and southeast Asia routes 12 "Marine silk road".

18 friendly port across four continents

In October, the Qingdao port group and Indonesia marca fourth harbor company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. But before that, the Qingdao port with the Pakistani port of gwadar, Cambodia norodom sihanouk, sit in Malaysia Hong Kong to establish friendly relations, with the German Hamburg's seaport, port said Egypt, djibouti port port of friendly intention, dp world and the united Arab emirates (uae) signed the memorandum of strategic cooperation partners, and the French port of Brest, Turkish horse put Hong Kong signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement... So far, Qingdao port "friends" friends have reached 18, across Asia, Europe, Africa, north and South America and other continents.

On capital, management, output also let the value of Qingdao win certification in the world. Qingdao port to cosco shipping in Italy in October Havana, gu lei port, and set up a joint venture with maersk dock company, joint operation management Havana, gu lei port container terminal and cold storage terminals, and this is the port of her honey haired bleaching to Burma after successful implementation management overseas output, implementation of Qingdao port capital overseas output for the first time in history. (source: DaGongWang)