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Summary on the construction of eight big port data at home and abroad

As the port informatization level unceasing enhancement, domestic and international numerous ports are trying to turn big data technology, cloud computing and Internet of things related to information technology application to the port production, the application of data center of gravity will be a shift from the traditional data collection management depth data mining application. Data resources as the core, build the hinge of the port information, providing convenient multi-level and pluralistic and fine service, realize the industrialization of information services, optimize the port operation of each link, deepen the relationship with customers, improve the production efficiency of port enterprises, and provide reference basis for port enterprise decision has important significance. This paper summarizes the including Singapore port, the port of Rotterdam, China merchants, Shanghai port and ningbo port 8 port construction of big data home and abroad, specific as follows:

A large data application situation, foreign ports

1, Singapore port big data this paper summarizes the status quo of the application including Singapore port, the port of Rotterdam, China merchants at home and abroad, Shanghai port and ningbo port and so on eight big data port construction condition

A high degree of Singapore port informatization, information system involves all aspects of the whole of the port operation, from the system function division can be divided into five most of the six big system, based on this, advances the concept of big data port, based on big data infrastructure, production management, customer service, market forecast, the application of innovation and other services.

2, the port of Rotterdam big data application status

Europe's first port of Rotterdam harbor large and complex system, logistics information system is more complicated, the port is joined several ports and transportation companies to jointly develop the Netherlands international transportation information system with the center of the port (INTIS), port information data of large system integration; Secondly, organization and logistics of the owner, the owner, the ship generation, freight forwarders, maritime, substituting, commodity inspection, and land transport enterprises, commerce, customs, such as the financial services industry to join the system, coordinate business relationship between each other, improve logistics efficiency, reduce cost; Finally, through the Internet open environment for many types of users, convenient software to realize the automatic information processing, to the ship, the goods and the agent, terminal and customs, tax, bank and so on many resources sharing and efficient operation. Through this platform, port greatly improve the efficiency of the operational efficiency and transportation management, further strengthen the competitiveness of the port. It is through the reasonable use of the data, the port of Rotterdam always maintain the status of the first European port.

Second, the domestic ports big data application status

1, China merchants port big data application status

A unit of China merchants port, shekou container terminals co., LTD. Shekou container terminals co., LTD., hired accenture scheme and data standardization, then the business unit in charge of the investment and finance system in the real-time data extraction and modeling, real-time visualization of management platform, reflect the enterprise to managers at all levels to provide all the KPI, such as throughput, efficiency, capital turnover, help them to improve cost management, management ability, strengthen the performance management, assist to achieve the goals of enterprise strategy and operations management decisions. The ability for an enterprise to succeed in today's port industry competition is essential, but also to strengthen the enterprise cost consciousness, help it to achieve sustainable growth in the future.

2, Shanghai big data application situation

Shanghai is pushing forward the construction of the group data center will intensify the construction of informatization, lean, systematic, and establish a cross-platform big data analysis platform of cloud, to strengthen the analysis and decision function, realize from the traditional offline data collection offline analysis, to the data line automatic real-time circulation and sharing, for enterprise decision-making to provide accurate data and information in a timely manner.

3, big data application situation of ningbo port

Ningbo port is integration of internal and external terminal, anhydrous port, container transport and logistics network value-added services and other related resources, achieved the integration of various business platform integration of port logistics platform. In addition, "yue Long Zhihang" first introduced the ningbo shipping exchange management services platform, through the information interaction and business intelligence data fusion applications, for the government, industries and enterprises to provide data analysis and mining, statistic, index and other high-end services.

4, tianjin port big data application status

Tianjin port information platform of integrated logistics of tianjin port, tianjin port have been completed land electronic trading platform and three platforms, tianjin port goods supply and demand information platform and a tianjin e-commerce services. At present, tianjin port in the binhai new area action plan (2013-2015) for large data, under the guidance of power construction of tianjin port management analysis system based on big data.

5, Qingdao port big data applications

Qingdao perfect information widespread use in Hong Kong, the realization of all system data integration and information system application integration, build the production management, shipping information, financial management, asset management, human resource management, equipment management, material management, project management eight theme database; Investment of 120 million yuan RMB, the 'area' all the way to build a unified public information platform to provide technical support, strengthening Internet innovative thinking, to big data information center, port of destination.

6, port of yinkou big data applications

Port of yinkou are actively pushing forward the construction of the port of melt big data service platform, the platform gathers port services, logistics services, finance and insurance services at an organic whole, both VIP customers customized and credit evaluation system, through the transportation by sea, land and air transportation, finance, trade, insurance and other kinds of docking platform of integration, formed a set of marketing in the integration of intelligent logistics platform. Logistics business, traders, suppliers, agents, etc. Through the use of big data platform, which can realize from the traditional mode of operation to the optimal path, lowest cost, highest efficiency, profit maximization of the intelligent management way transformation.

About the port big data applications, at present the domestic ports group in fumble, there have been no mature industry benchmarking applications can copy.

Three, the construction of port big data applications

The port big data analysis aim is through the innovative application of big data better service to customers, serving the internal enterprise. Itself as a whole trade and logistics ball important node in the supply chain, precipitated the vast amounts of data resources, has the obvious data resources advantage, as the big data technology and the innovation and improvement solution, the port companies to be able to in the process of actual production data for storage, classification, processing, and using data mining technology, optimize the port operation each link, deepen the relationship with customers and further enhance the performance of the enterprise, big data are applied to the port area, to improve the production efficiency of port enterprises, provide reference basis for port enterprises decision-making has the very vital significance.

Four, port construction of big data

In general, port construction of big data, in the early stage group company data base can be well, through the data information island, completes the data classification management; Second, as far as possible will group company internal to the collected data to collect more comprehensive, and based on data integration, the construction of the integrated port of my unique data resource pool, at the same time crossover into other industries can be data, such as highway, vertical industry, constantly shaping our port unique competitive advantage in the field of data; Third, in view of the existing group management and development needs, do some able to bear the cost of data mining, analysis and support work; Fourth big data based on complete resource pool, the port to me provide some innovative data services, improve customer value, the Hong Kong new benefit for me. (source: portbigdata.com/gk_dshjal/280.html)