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Sierra leone, the President special envoy to visit a line to visit my group

There is companion come from afar, joy.

On December 13, 2015, Africa - President of sierra leone's special envoy to the distinguished guests to visit old captain group. Envoy a line have KOROMA FORNAH Mr President (brother) and MOHAMED BASSEM Mr President (investment advisers, home party leader).

Meeting, the chairman Chen Zibin expressed visiting Mr KOROMA, warmly welcomed Mr BASSEM, and introduced the company's investment and operation experience in ship building industry chain, and the old captain group in sierra leone seeking cooperation and development strategy, in a friendly atmosphere, the two sides will carry out ship building industry investment in sierra leone, port infrastructure aspects in-depth communication and exchanges.

After that, the special envoy a line in the company of the company staff, to our partners with wu ship heavy industry, such as modern shipyard for the visit. In Qingdao wu ship heavy industry, manufacturing experts explained the 5 ton floating dock shipbuilding field in detail.

On December 14, accompanied by chairman Chen, envoy line invited to jinan and shandong steel group chairman Hou Jun held cordial talks, hou chairman introduced shandong steel products, development course, advantages, international business development, etc., and the African mountain steel group mining briefly review the progress at present. Mountain steel group, he said, has always attaches great importance to the cooperation with sierra leone, looking forward to the recent meeting with the President to sierra leone, in order to strengthen the communication, strengthen cooperation and jointly promote the healthy development of shandong steel plug mine. He also wants Serbia's guests use the opportunity of visiting in shandong province for a walk, see more, the meeting in the atmosphere of warmth and happiness.