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Pakistans business delegation to visit my group

On December 15, 2015, Pakistan business delegation is to visit our company, Mr Khan's free trade talks on the development of our investment in Pakistan. The two sides have cooperation background, free trade area planning, and our investment team and so on has carried on the deep discussion.

Both countries are linked by mountains and rivers and long friendship. Pakistan is the first islamic countries having diplomatic ties with China, is also one of the earliest Asian countries having diplomatic ties with China. The establishment of diplomatic ties 60 years, relations between the two countries have experienced the test of all kinds of wind and rain, the Chinese people but also to Pakistan have a cordial call "iron".

Entering the new century, the leaders of the two countries established "establish comprehensive cooperative partnership facing the 21st century", in 2015, as the chairman xi "in" the implementation of the strategic concept, china-pakistan economic corridor as a flagship project, to further improve its strategic importance, has become the focus of both countries and the world.

As an important pattern of our strategic planning, the development of free trade area construction, will greatly enhance our competitiveness, influence, and will promote the development of Pakistan's southern region transformation, the leading pattern of the open economy of Pakistan.