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We never found the collective cohesion

A good team is the key to enterprise sustainable development. In order to improve the team cooperation concept, make employees more deeply feel the strength of the team and warm, on July 2, the company all staff to nine west coast town development base, to participate in training.

At the scene of the expansion, the players encourage each other, support each other, help each other, successfully completed the "trust fall back", "broken bridge", "jigsaw puzzle" and "trolley bus" and a series of outreach programs.

The "back" to be great cooperation degree and trust; "Jigsaw puzzle" test between team members's ability to cooperate, need everybody to the same target move ideas, cooperate with each other; The trolleybus training everyone's tacit understanding degree and cooperate with each other; And most people the deepest impression is "broken bridge" project, when we fear high in the sky at a loss, teammate's encouragement and cheer loudly gives us strength, let's bold step forward, to succeed, "broken bridge" to make us deeply understand the thing decisions often is in the in a flash, brave to go forward, you will be able to victory.

In this day of training activities, players are constantly being creative, difficult to overcome, successfully completed the seemingly impossible task, made the very good results. All members are in the "nuclear family" team realized enterprise "family" warmth and strength.

Though the training was finished, but it is just like the phoenix nirvana, we sweat, tears, but also let the heart and the will is the baptism. Hope every member participation in later life, really performed to expand training inspired by the energy, the personal potential to the best position.