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Pakistan punjab province met I group chairman Chen Zibin chief minister

On July 27, "shandong - Pakistan's punjab province economic and trade cooperation seminar" was held in the provincial capital jinan. I group chairman Mr Chen Zibin by chief minister of punjab, Pakistan's chief economic summer buzz. Had a cordial meeting with Mr Sharif.

By China huaneng group co., LTD. Shandong power generation co., LTD and shandong ruyi, relying on the jining huaneng ruyi coal and electricity co., LTD., in punjab sassy anwar joint investment of the construction of the sassy coal-fired power plants is Pakistan's largest coal-fired power project. Group, I had the opportunity to participate in the project of fuel transport, through the port qasim existing marginal terminals 3 and 4 berth into special coal terminal, thus the coal unloading from the ship to the yard, and the coal from the yard loaded into the yard behind on the train.

The punjab, Pakistan's most populous, economic strength is the strongest provinces, is in the core area of china-pakistan economic corridor construction. And "china-pakistan economic corridor" as the national important fulcrum "area" strategic concept, has always been high hopes the two countries, its construction will also bring the linkage of the regional economic development.

Summer buzz. Mr Sharif had a cordial meeting with old captain, says they often heard the old captain was not a bit old. Grateful, grateful, everything is the best arrangement.

May our friendship forever, bring us more opportunities for development, let us go forward, together create a magnificent chapter.