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Africa, old captain came!

Lasted forty days, travel five miles, across the globe, through Singapore, around the cape of good hope, denon asterisk finally arrived at the destination smoothly - sierra leone.

Beauty of the west coast of Africa, under the blue sky, the fleet of tug stop wait in anchorage, quietly waiting for the dragon star, the first work of ships.

Team of business and management personnel already batch arrive early, at Freetown and pepe, the busy port of preparatory work, for the project operation to provide sufficient business conditions as much as possible.

On October 12, 2015, denon asterisk peace in sierra leone pepe, near the port of anchorage.

- Africa, old captain came!

This is the first time go abroad, old captain in shandong), we took to the international platform, to PK and europeans. By what? Power? Money? Management? Perhaps, but is not the point, it is will! Courage! A firm confidence! Chairman of the board of directors to make inroads into Africa's that moment, we went ahead, go forward!

Unafraid to winds and waves to the ocean, not afraid the world experienced, strong commercial rivals, the front will have all kinds of difficulties, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, now that dare to, is not afraid of any challenge. This a passionate African land, will be our new starting point of the business in foreign countries.

Mountain steel projects in Africa is one hundred, one hundred will grow into towering trees, next to the big tree, we will take root, sprout, strong growth, with the big tree out of the forest.

Stand in a foreign land, the land, watching the blue sky, in the face of the unlimited business opportunities, rallying cry: to speakers, give me the who!