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We were invited to attend 2016 ocean east Asia cooperation platform huangdao BBS

On July 26, with "connectivity, sharing a win-win" as the theme of east Asian cooperation platform is huangdao BBS on the west coast of Qingdao, new city grand launch. At the opening ceremony, the state oceanic administration and the shandong provincial government signed the ocean east Asia cooperation platform to build agreement, officially launched the ocean east Asia cooperation platform construction, the platform is a national priority to promote "area" construction planning project.

Sea on the same day, east Asia cooperation platform huangdao port in east Asia, one of the league meeting BBS plates, meeting the first council elections the ports in east Asia alliance director unit, the multiple port company delegates from home and abroad, and the west coast of Qingdao city new district, huangdao district attended the meeting. I company in the port qasim investment construction operation coal wharf, as a member of the partner attended the meeting.

Construction of east Asian cooperation platform sea, is a major measure for implement the national strategy of "area". BBS held successfully, and to promote the construction of maritime silk road, promote the development of Marine economy in east Asia, promote the internationalization level, speed up the huangdao BBS development will have important practical significance. Old captain will continue in the future development of "introduction to, go out", in the current global trade environment in complex and port transformation development today, with a good port in east Asia alliance is an important platform, strengthen communication, to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation and development.