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Old captain mountain steel tang kerry in iron craft project set sail

On August 25, 6 a.m., from ocean the other shore notice: 30000 tons dump bulk carrier OC Pepel officially set sail from port of Seattle, pepe to sierra leone, Hong Kong, this is the old captain tang kerry of shandong iron and steel group in the iron ore iron ore/business start signal project execution. After undocking the OC Pepel will sailing 9000 miles, approaches the panama canal, scheduled for late September arrived at destination port of sierra leone pepe, began to work.

In 2015 as chairman xi "in" the implementation of the strategic concept, China and the west African country's deepening cooperation. Shandong steel to increase its self-sufficiency rate of iron ore, iron ore project in sierra leone national successful tang kerry. Always to have the opportunity to prepare the people, the old captain in transport and port operations the ability to get the favour of the group, to be designated as the project with other operators.

Related introduction:

Sierra leone

Sierra leone is located in the Atlantic coast of west Africa, bordering guinea and Liberia, land area of 7.2326 square kilometers, has a population of about 6.45 million people, many RACES. Sierra leone's residents believe in Islam and Christianity. English is the official language, currency for Leon, the capital, Freetown. Sierra leone is rich in bauxite, rutile mineral resources, iron ore, diamonds and gold. In addition to fisheries and forestry resources are very rich.

Pepe's port

Pepe is sierra leone west port, port, located in sierra leone near the estuary of pepe's island, near the Atlantic ocean. 24 kilometers southwest from Freetown. Have a dedicated rail (84 km) through the mining area, channel depth of 12 meters, can be docked 10 ton ore ship.

Tang kerry in iron ore

Tang kerry in the iron ore is a world-class iron ore, huge reserves, as Africa's second largest iron ore, it is also one of the world's largest hematite and magnetite. The 13.7 billion tons of iron ore resources, designed annual output of 25 million tons. On April 20, 2015, shandong iron and steel group to buy African mining co., LTD in sierra leone tang kerry iron ore 75% stake. So far, shandong iron and steel group in the tang kerry and iron ore and African port rail services company 100% stake.