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We invest in the construction of card port of SIMS 3 # 4 # coal wharf eia hearing ended smoothly

Local time on September 22, 2016 in the morning, we invest in the construction of Karachi, Pakistan, port qasim 3 # 4 # coal wharf berthing of eia hearings in Karachi Regent Plaza, to participate in the hearing are: punjab PPDB officials Saqib, sindh province environmental protection bureau chief, Naeem, port authority PQA ShabirKazi, chief technology officer at railway project manager Nisar Ahmed Khan, and the Chambers of commerce and industry representatives, etc. After more than five hours of hearings, the end of the project eia hearing is smooth.

Hearing, our company as a project owner representative for the project and company situation are introduced; Eia company GEMS for this purpose the whole technical scheme and process to the operation process, and to assess the impact of the project for the local environment may; Pakistan ShabirKazi chief technology officer at the port authority and the necessity of coal wharf construction are put forward on the scene and may produce environmental pollution problems one by one for the response. In the end, sindh province environmental protection bureau chief, Naeem affirmed our design scheme, and spoke highly of our efforts for local environmental protection cause. Hearing is agreed that the construction of the coal terminal is an important planning of port qasim MASTER PLAN, after the completion of the project will be one of the most advanced environmental protection coal terminal in Pakistan.

Kashi's port of 3 # 4 # pier in Karachi, Pakistan by old captain group investment construction operations, specifically take sassy China huaneng group to invest in the construction of coal-fired thermal power project of coal transport craft business. In January of this year, huaneng group and old captain in Karachi joint venture "huaneng port and shipping co., LTD. Good fortune", is mainly responsible for port qasim 3 # 4 # pier of stage construction and operational stage. Pier is completed, will form linkage with Marine craft, greatly reduce the coal cost of thermal power project, it also marks the old captain in transport and port operations on the system coordination to a new level.