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Huaneng ruyi power plant coal wharf has signed for the EPC project in Pakistan

After nearly a month of contract negotiations, on October 8, 2016, ruyi Pakistan power plant coal wharf EPC project signing ceremony was held in Shanghai. Our company President's ZhuoWeiFeng, general manager Chen chi-li, the Chinese heavy industry in the 711 s, director of the institute Dong Jianfu, deputy director of the YiGang attended a signing ceremony and complete the sign up.

Ruyi Pakistan power plant coal wharf in Karachi, Pakistan investment construction, for our company, is dedicated to bear the huaneng group the transshipment overside of coal required in the power plant business. After signing in the EPC project, the Chinese heavy industry the 711 research institute will provide for the construction of the dock equipment and material procurement, construction and installation engineering, waterway dredging, insurance and financing consulting, training, logistics and a series of services.

So far, wharf construction scheme has been successfully through Karachi local eia hearings. About wharf EPC project cooperation with 711 research institute, will try to realize the harmonious integration of superior resources and expertise, on the basis of the guarantee project construction for project operation and lay a good foundation for a long time, also for the overseas development strategy of the company added a part.