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President of sierra leone koroma met with our chairman Chen Zibin

State visit to China at the invitation of President Xi jinping of sierra leone's President koroma, on December 3 morning in jinan met with old captain Chen Zibin enterprise group chairman, the two sides of our company in sierra leone in the craft business and investment cooperation matters further carried on the thorough communication.

Sierra leone's President koroma at the invitation of President xi jinping's visit to China

President koroma met with chairman Chen Zibin old captain

In during the meeting, the chairman Chen Zibin reporting to the President koroma mountain steel group sierra leone overside situation of the project, at the same time, in view of the sierra leone, electricity shortages in with our company business development demand present situation, we put forward to give full play to its own boat at sea logistics business in west Africa first coal-fired power plants and Serbia dockyard investment planning. Chairman, said the old captain will accelerate the project in accordance with the investment plan, go to great lengths to dig their own advantages to realize and Serbia complementary cooperation potential, in the implementation of xi "area" put forward by the general secretary, on the basis of national development strategy, the realization enterprise economic benefit and harmonious balance development of the international social responsibility.

President koroma overside of old captain in sierra leone project gave high evaluation and investment activities, and emphatically points out that our company is planning to invest in the coal-fired power plant project will play a significant role in promoting economic development of sierra leone, sierra leone, the government will fully support our project construction. President koroma said sierra leone and China is "comprehensive strategic partnership," said old captain enterprise in sierra leone has required can be 24 hours instead of the President's office on the phone, the chairman thank President koroma Chen Zibin recognition of our Chinese enterprises "all-weather friend", and more Chinese companies will be united to investment.