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Pakistan build special forces protect gwadar, called "tf 88"

Pakistan's navy, on duty at gwadar port

According to CCTV news on December 14, 13 local time, Pakistan's gwadar port in southwest of the country's navy announced the formation of a Marine special forces, to defend the gwadar port operation and development of the construction of the safety.

The special forces was named "tf 88" and will include the ship, quick strike aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and Marine monitoring equipment, at the same time, gwadar troops will be deployed around gwadar port security work and the nearby waters.

According to the reference news "quoted us media have reported that Pakistan's top military officials and Chinese diplomats 13 gone to gwadar, witnessed the Pakistani navy formed" tf 88 of them."

Is responsible for the operation of the Pakistani navy deputy chief of staff, muzaffargarh, Wallace HeMuDe, ba said: "its purpose is to ensure that the gwadar port, port sea lanes and other maritime related to china-pakistan economic corridor project safe."

Article quoted the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan wei-dong sun, China believes that "One Belt And One Road" initiative to conform to the international community and share common development boom in the best interests of the region.

Along the security situation is grim

Gwadar project is part of the china-pakistan economic corridor. The plan of north xinjiang kashgar, south to Pakistan's gwadar, more than 3000 km, to connect with gwadar port in xinjiang highway, rail transport, as well as the oil and gas pipelines, is the flagship of the "area" initiative project and model projects.

However, because many tribal china-pakistan economic corridor has complex relationship with the government, the security situation has been worrying.

September 8, Reuters reported that since 2014, the existing 44 Pakistani workers were killed in the corridor construction project, and more than 100 people were injured, most of them are in baluchistan province highway construction project by a roadside bomb attacks or from the construction site.

Chinese premier li keqiang in September when they met with Pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif said that wants Pakistan to strengthen the project security risk prevention, continue to China in providing security and personnel and project construction. Sharif said that Pakistan will actively pushing forward the construction of the corridor and take steps to protect the safety of the Chinese engineering construction personnel.

According to U.S. media reports, at present, the Pakistani military has set up a "special security forces", is made up of about 20000 people, is responsible for the protection of Chinese workers, and in accordance with the "china-pakistan economic corridor project" the land passage was being built.

Ba said China will send warships

Chinese in Pakistan last month 13 gwadar port of departure, the first Chinese merchant ships from gwadar to sea. Pakistan the BBS express in 26 quoted sources as saying that the country's navy China will sent warships to gwadar port waters off duty, to protect the important port together with the Pakistani navy.

Defense ministry spokesman Yang yajun at a regular press briefing on 30 November, said: "(between China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic partners, exchanges and cooperation between the two militaries practical closely, the two countries have also maintained including ships dock visits, supplies, friendly exchanges and cooperation in various fields." Will China for journalists mentioned in other places to establish security facilities, Yang yajun said: "not heard of this information."

According to U.S. media reports, wei-dong sun, said china-pakistan economic corridor in Pakistan's 17 "early harvest" project has been in the phase of "smooth" construction. All of these 17 project has created more than 10000 jobs for local people, in the near future, China and Pakistan economic corridor project will bring abundant electricity for Pakistan's national grid. (source: surging news)