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2017 will usher in the climax of container ship

Clarkson data show that last year the global container ship orders only 80 ships and 250 thousand TEU; compared with 2015, the container ship orders for 250 ships, 2 million 300 thousand TEU According to TEU, last year, container ship orders fell 90% in 2015 compared to the same period last year.

In the last custom-made container ship for the majority of small feeder. In addition to Iran in December last year, Air China (IRISL) in the 4 Hyundai 14000TEU container ship ordered overboard, 2016 full year without any new orders for large container ships. In 2015, 15000TEU and more than 60 new orders for container ship ship.
Although the container ship ship new orders fell sharply last year, but the weak cargo market led many shipping companies in the construction of new ship delivery was delayed until later this year.
According to the latest data of Clarkson in 2017, the global container ship orders held in 2017 is expected to delivered a total of 240 ships, a total of 1683126 TEU Container Ship; the 8000TEU delivered 95 vessels, a total of 1347537TEU; the total capacity in 2017 accounted for 80.06% of the total container ship is expected to be delivered. Of which 55 12000TEU and above the new ship delivery operations this year, with a total capacity of more than 800 thousand TEU.
Although these new container ships can not all be delivered on time to the ship owner in accordance with the expected, however, Clarkson expects the full year 2017, the new ship delivery of each type of container ship will reach a total of about 1 million 300 thousand TEU. In contrast, in 2016 the annual container ship delivery volume of 900 thousand TEU, is expected to be delivered this year than last year, an increase of 41%.
Clarkson data show that the current ultra large container ship hand-held orders the top 4 shipping companies are Ma Shiji, Seaspan, CMA CGM shipping and COSCO Shipping group. (source: shipping network)